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Police Misconduct And The Criminal Justice System

Police unethical operations, imposes high cost on police, the criminal justice system, and society. Criminal activity by a police officer undermines the basic integrity of law enforcement and the grounds which the laws were based on. Regardless if an officer takes a small bribe or is involve in a drug trade, the corruption forever change the relationship between communities and the face of justice. . . Unethical Police Operation When a Police Officer abuses his authority, it is called police misconduct. Police misconduct is a broad term used to describe police corruption and police brutality which include violations of state and federal laws, the violation of an individual’s constitutional rights, and the abuse of police authority for†¦show more content†¦Police corruption can defined as any prescribed act involving the misuse of the officer’s official position for money or money’s worth or personal gain (Barker Roebuck, 1983). Three elements identify police corruption 1) the behavior must be forbidden by law, rule, regulation and ethical standard. 2) The behavior must involve the misuse of the officers’ official position i.e. if the officer fails to do something he or she is supposed to do or does something against what he or she is supposed to. 3) The reward for corrupt acts should be money or money’s worth. Once an officer is involved in any type of form of corr uption it can interfere with the police officer’s performance Types of Corruption One of the most common and prevalent type of police corruption is that of bribery and extortion. According to Lyman (2009), bribery is initiated by the citizen while extortion is initiated by the officer. This type of corruption involves the officer accepting a sum of money or a gift in exchange for avoidance of past or future prosecution. Law enforcement officers use of discretion is distorted because the acceptance of such gifts represents corrupt behavior. When officers are presented with such stimulus (gifts) and they accept such stimulus (gifts), these interferers with the officer carrying out his or her duty in

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Persuasive Essay On Bullying - 716 Words

Bullying Among students The world changes, society changes, and so should school policies on Bullying change. Bullying to me is the most hurtful way of communicating between students, especially high school students. Bullying can cause students to commit suicide,depression and become antisocial, and rage to the point they shoot up a school. This is the most devastating thing a kid could ever go through. In just 2 weeks I have been to the office. 3-4 times to report some kind of bullying for example name calling, fight threats, Ignored or left out because of rumors,and rumors itself. When you see nothing is being done about it, because of the â€Å"policy†. You enter a state of mind where you feel like you have slipped on mud and you see†¦show more content†¦This actions do hurt the teenage mind. Another thing that should be fixed is the Reporting and investigating. if a student reports to a teacher she/he has two days to report to the principals they also have to catch the bully in action for it to be reported by them. What happened if the teacher or employee did not repo rt the bullying to the principal? What then happens to the student would they ever get helped or supported? This is why I think the hollister handbook is corrupted. If it is investigated by the principals. They are given 10 days to investigate and â€Å"if good cause exist† they can keep investigating. (Hollister schools Handbook Pg,15) The Branson school policy on bullying is the same as the Hollister high school too but Branson schools have a policy on Hazing. Which is â€Å"defined as any activity, on or off school grounds, that a reasonable person believes would negatively impact the mental or physical health or safety of a student or put the student in a ridiculous, humiliating, stressful or disconcerting position for the purposes of initiation, affiliation, admission, membership or maintenance of membership in any group, class, organization, club or athletic team†(Branson school Handbook Pg 28).Branson has tried to add more to the policy for students to feel like they can be helped. There is another thing that Branson school has different. That is there investing. If a student reports to a teacher, theyShow MoreRelatedBullying Persuasive Essay730 Words   |  3 PagesBullying is a problem that happens in almost every single school and it can have many different reasons and ways. Bullying can happen on line or at schools. It is becoming a big problem because it is worldwide and it is not good for kids to get bullied. Kids can become depressed when they are being bullied. Also they can have mental health problems later on. It already has a lot of attention but it needs more so it can be stopped. Bullying needs a lot more attention because too many kids are beingRead MorePersuasive Essay On Bullying1203 Words   |  5 Pagesfather had been jailed for hitting her† (Goad). Bullying has been a major problem in our society. The power of bullying can ruin someone’s life. Nothing good can ever come from bullying no matter how it happens. Bullying has been around for a long time, and it must come to an end. Bullying should be stopped because of the terrible and heartbreaking outcomes. To begin, the power of bullying is disgraceful land will always have a negative outcome. Bullying occurs when someone is repeatedly harmed by someoneRead MorePersuasive Essay On Bullying865 Words   |  4 PagesThis was said during a period of time where bullying was not as big of an issue as it currently is. Whether someone has been bullied, been a bully, or have seen bullying happen, it has come up in some way at a point in their life. Bullying has affected various generations of people in many ways, causing a lot of different problems throughout the world. Some of these may include mental and physical health issues which can also lead to suicide. Bullying must be stopped in order to improve our livesRead MoreBullying Persuasive Essay718 Words   |  3 Pagescommunities filled with individuals who are being affected by bullying from a range of young children to adults. According to the internet, bullying is the use of superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typic ally to force him or her to do what one wants. Therefore, bullying can affect everyone for those who are affected by the bullying, those who cause the bullying, and those who witness the bullying. In other words, bullying can have a crucial influence on mental health and in extremeRead MorePersuasive Essay on Bullying1241 Words   |  5 Pagesthey think about classes, friends, and books. They think about the minor struggles of drama and studying for next week’s big test. For them, school is just school. It’s something that has just become a part of life, not good or bad. For victims of bullying, school is a living nightmare. School is harassment, and pain, and a whole series of struggles too much for the normal person to comprehend. Schools have created this image of â€Å"normal† that many people strive to fit into. But when there is someoneRead MorePersuasive Essay On Bullying1259 Words   |  6 PagesThroughout my childhood, I was bullied. This bullying lef t physical and mental scars, as well as me lacking self-confidence. Whenever I attempted to defend myself or tell someone of the situation, it never worked. Either I would get bullied more by both students and teachers, or be ignored completely. This is when my father grew tired of me coming home sad and injured, he consulted the school, but they suggested settling it out with the bully’s parents. This resulted in my father meeting the parentsRead MoreBullying Persuasive Essay1247 Words   |  5 Pagessame† - Thirteen Reasons Why. Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year. Bullying is a serious offence and shouldn’t be taken lightly, students around the world should be aware of what bullying does and how it affects the other person. Seventeen percent of American students report bullying two to three times a month or more within a school semester. Bullying has been occurring for years and bullying in schools was one of the first manifestations. Kids go home every dayRead MorePersuasive Essay On Bullying1011 Words   |  5 PagesBullying, bullying has been around for a long time. Bullying has been in America since the country’s founding. Created from a competitive environment, bullying has remained a relevant issue throughout the years. Cyberbullying, has allowed the problem to expand, the thought to survive is an instinct and is common among all humans. Survival is associated with competition due to the large amount of species and limited resources on the planet. Since the dawn of time there has been a constant thoughtRead MorePersuasive Essay On Bullying834 Words   |  4 Pagesenvironment. Bullying effects millions of students in schools each year. This can lead to heartbreaking consequences to the victim and their families. Tyler Clementi, a freshman at Rutgers College, took his own life by jumping off the George Washington Bridge over the Hudson River in New York City, after two of his fellow classmen allegedly streamed live video on the internet of him and another fellow student, who was male, in a sexual encounter (Billiterri, â€Å"Preventing Bullying† 1015). ThisRead MorePersuasive Essay On Bullying841 Words   |  4 Pagesbecause they don’t agree with who they are. Bullying LGBTQ is wrong because no one should be subjected to cruel treatment. Many LGBTQ human rights are being violated through harassment and cruel treatment. By bullying LGBTQ people are taking away many LGBTQ’s human rights. And as article 5 states that â€Å"No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.† Studies show that LGBTQ students receive 24% more bullying per day than a non LGBTQ. Because some LGBTQ

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The Impact Of Technology On The Brain - 1224 Words

For the generation of millennials, technology has been around probably as long as they can remember. However, the presence of technology has effects on development that are not necessarily for the better or worse. Robin Marantz Henig in her essay â€Å"What is it about 20-Somethings† writes of a developing phenomenon that could become a new stage of life, â€Å"emerging adulthood†, and whether supporting it is the right idea. In the article â€Å"The Limits of Friendship†, Maria Konnikova discusses the Dunbar number and its relevance in modern times, where social media has become increasingly prevalent, enough so that it could begin replacing face-to-face communication. In â€Å"The Neuroscience of the University Classroom†, J. Michael Cavanaugh, Catherine C.†¦show more content†¦According to Cavanaugh’s article, â€Å"Visual aptitudes†¦ [gained from the use of technology] [are] important and even vital in many professions†¦ The visual capabilities of [technology] may develop impressive visual intelligence,† (Cavanaugh 376-77). Technology can produce many useful skills like multitasking and spatial orientation as well as provide a spring of knowledge easily accessed through almost any device. However, there are also drawbacks to the skills the use of technology can grant people. While these skills are developed, others atrophy and never fully form. Even skills granted by technology such as parallel processing and task switching can be disappointing compared to the abilities being lost, like critical analysis and deep thinking since multitasking can end up taking more time overall and lower the quality of work being put into each task. A consequence of technology’s widespread take over is that â€Å"many of our students are agnostic about reading much beyond a literal level (i.e., face value, horizontal reading),† (Cavanaugh 383). Students are now finding it difficult to read deeply and thinking critically about what it is they are reading, whether it be a book or perhaps body gestures and facial expressions. Cavanaugh continues, â€Å"Although digital technology may free us from the age-oldShow MoreRelatedThe Impact Of Technology On Our Brain968 Words   |   4 PagesTechnology has a big impact on peoples’ daily life. People rely on the information on webs without truly evaluating the trustworthiness of the site. There might be some trustworthy webs but most of them doesn’t contain an accurate and precise information. Since all the information are available on internet, we complete our tasks through internet and never truly utilize our brains. In other words, our brain becomes more indolent and worthless due to the easy accessible of information and lazinessRead MoreThe Impact Of Technology On Our Understanding Of The Developing Brain1706 Words   |  7 PagesDiscuss ways in which modern (post 1950) neuroscientific research has had an impact on our understanding of the developing brain. Early stages of embryonic progression show how the human brain and nervous system start to occur at three weeks from contraception, with the closing of the neural tube and By four weeks, major sections of the brain can be distinguished in a simple form, including the forebrain, midbrain, hindbrain divisions and optic vesicle, where the eye matures from. (Brainfacts.orgRead MoreThe Effects Of Technology On Teen s Brain Development1708 Words   |  7 Pagesforms of electronics. As the use of technology increases, concerns are growing about the amount of screen time teens should be exposed to, and if the use of technology can affect a teen’s brain development. The American Academy of Pediatrics, or the AAP, is considering raising the two hour screen time limit to four hours because of the growing use of electronics in our day and age. However, because teens’ brains develop differently than adults, parts of their brains are not mature enough. Some partsRead MoreThe Psychol ogy Of The Human Nervous System870 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"refers to study of the functions of neural circuits and how they relate to brain function, behavior, motor activity, and cognition.† (Hauser, S. L., Prusiner, S. B., Beal, M. F. (n.d.). 444e: Biology of Neurologic Diseases. Retrieved from http://accessmedicine.mhmedical.com.ezproxy.neu.edu/content.aspx?sectionid=79755029bookid=1130jumpsectionID=98734628Resultclick=2). Past advances in technology allowed for â€Å"brain-imaging techniques such as the functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI),Read MoreHow Technology Can Interfere With A Human s Health And Development1287 Words   |  6 Pagesis describing a mind being engaged in the internet. With the technology world advancing constantly, one thing is on society’s mind; â€Å"Am I up to date with my device?† Once they realize they may be out of touch of what’s going on, they start to spend their money on what they don’t need. There comes a point when technology gets extravagant and becomes a negative force when it impacts human development. A tremendous amount of technology can interfere with a human’s health and development. For exampleRead MoreAge of Internet1323 Words   |  6 PagesThe Age Of The Internet The Internet could be impacting the way our brains think more than thought possible in the 21st century. When I say the Age of the Internet, I am not merely talking about the effects of the Internet. With the Internet, came many new technological improvements. Technology plays a major role in our lives way more than ever before. We are constantly staring at screens, always in touch with one another, and rely on it heavily in our daily lives. Almost all of us carry a pieceRead MoreNegative Effects Of Social Media On Adolescents1586 Words   |  7 Pagestheir phones (George, 2014). The purpose of the paper was to research how social media affects the brain, sleep, and cyberbullying (Lemola, Perkinson- Gloor, Brand, Dewald- Kaufmann, Grob, 2014; Mills, 2014; Betts Spenser, 2017). . Review of Literature Throughout society adolescents use social media to communicate. The purpose of the paper was to research how social media affects the brain, sleep, and how social media can lead to cyberbullying. The use of social media is now being used forRead MoreTechnology Has Made The World A Global Village1375 Words   |  6 Pagestransformation, revolution, breakthrough, and radical changes as a result of new ideas developed to improve the current models (Akash et al., 2014). Technology is a remarkable example of innovation. Day-in-day-out people are coming up with new upheavals. New things are created and more improvements to the already existing objects. The communication technology has made the world a global village. Robotic and industrial machinery are products of innovation. It is clear that better and more productive ideasRead MoreIs Google Making Us Stupid?1562 Words   |  7 Pageshow we are slaves to self-pleasure. This directly connects with each of us because we have become a s lave to our phones, laptops, etc. Over the past couple of years as technology has advanced we have become a lazier and a less intelligent society. Little do we know our brains are being re-wired and re-programmed by the technology we use every day. Nicholas Carr wrote an article called â€Å"Is Google making us stupid?† In the article he talks about the different ways electronic advancements have directlyRead More The Impact of Internet on Users and their Way of Thinking Essay1204 Words   |  5 Pagesencourage the creation of realistic communities. In such a situation, the question concerning the impact of Internet on human being, especially on human brain and behavior arises. In this concern, views on the impact of Internet vary consistently. On the one hand, Internet is recognized as a valuable intermediate, which helps users to share and broadcast information easily. But, another view on the impact of internet, that Internet is noticed as a threat to the social life and identity of individuals

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Irony in Hard Times Essay Example For Students

Irony in Hard Times Essay In the novel, Hard Times, Dickens uses irony to satirise the Victorian society. To be more precise, he mainly satirises cities ongoing industrialism, the nature of humans as well as other things. Dickens uses the technique to ridicule, or to condemn, things he finds ridiculous or bad. In the first chapter, The One Thing Needful, Dickens portrays Thomas Grandgrinds character clearly to the reader. Facts alone are wanted in life. Plant nothing else, and root out everything else. You can only form the minds of reasoning animals upon Facts (Sowing, Chapter I) This quotation clearly shows that, in the novel, Gradgrinds initial concept of education is to feed the children facts. The extract, Plant nothing else, and root out everything else. exposes to the reader that Gradgrind feels children, like machines, should be supplied what it is needed i. e. facts, and nothing else (fancy or imagination). It is as though Gradgrind is treating the children like machines. Here, Dickens satirises the education system in which Victorian children went through. He, personally, agrees that facts are an important part of life but not the only one. Gradgrinds philosophy proves to be ironic because, later in the novel, Gradgrind feels that his teaching methods are wrong after Louisa tells him that her harsh education has choked her ability to express her feelings emotions. In Book the Third, Gradgrind apologizes to his daughter, Louisa, for her upbringing. I had proved my my system to myself, and I have rigidly administered it; and I must bear the responsibility of its failures. (Garnering, Chapter I) This quotation shows how Gradgrind has realised how wrong he has been in raising his children. The repetition, or stutter, my-my expresses that he is at a loss for words (Garnering, Chapter I). The use of irony is effective because in the opening chapters of the novel, Gradgrind was a self-esteemed speaker; now, he seems incapable of stringing words together to form a sentence. His methods turnaround, and detection of its collapses to precisely portray reality as it is, is just one of the novels many connections with irony. The ironic satire, of the education system and industrialists, comes off in this instance because Gradgrind has always been a man who backs his own decisions and not one who frequently makes mistakes and has to apologise. Alternatively, however, Dickens could amplify his portrayal of Gradgrinds sorrow by having Gradgrind leaking tears or have him beg Louisa for forgiveness. Despite the interpretation of the quotation above, Gradgrind could just be feigning to be sorry. Although Gradgrind claims to be sorry, his daughter Louisa, who should know him well, does not seem to forgive him for his acts, despite refusing to blame him. She could give him no comfort herein. She had suffered the wreck of her whole life upon the rock. (Garnering, Chapter I) This quotation shows that, despite Gradgrind being sorry, Louisa cannot find it in her to comfort him; even though that he is her father. This could show that she is very upset and/or angry; and therefore will not forgive him of his wrongdoing. However, she may be failing to comfort her father because she, as a product of his education system, is not able, or struggles to, express emotion. This is even more ironic. Here, Dickens satirises the nature of Gradgrind, who has always felt that anything could be weighed and measured- like in trade. It is satirised by Gradgrind realising that his own philosophy is wrong. Towards the end of the first book, Sowing, Dickens also satirises Gradgrinds nature. Like in Book the Third, Chapter I, Gradgrind is very different from his usual dictatorial manner. In the sequence where he discloses Bounderbys marriage proposal to Louisa, his self-confidence has vaporised. .u81fd13d5d4d4a6eb38c2a69f91200212 , .u81fd13d5d4d4a6eb38c2a69f91200212 .postImageUrl , .u81fd13d5d4d4a6eb38c2a69f91200212 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u81fd13d5d4d4a6eb38c2a69f91200212 , .u81fd13d5d4d4a6eb38c2a69f91200212:hover , .u81fd13d5d4d4a6eb38c2a69f91200212:visited , .u81fd13d5d4d4a6eb38c2a69f91200212:active { border:0!important; } .u81fd13d5d4d4a6eb38c2a69f91200212 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u81fd13d5d4d4a6eb38c2a69f91200212 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u81fd13d5d4d4a6eb38c2a69f91200212:active , .u81fd13d5d4d4a6eb38c2a69f91200212:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u81fd13d5d4d4a6eb38c2a69f91200212 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u81fd13d5d4d4a6eb38c2a69f91200212 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u81fd13d5d4d4a6eb38c2a69f91200212 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u81fd13d5d4d4a6eb38c2a69f91200212 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(https://artscolumbia.org/wp-content/plugins/intelly-related-posts/assets/images/simple-arrow.png)no-repeat; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u81fd13d5d4d4a6eb38c2a69f91200212:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u81fd13d5d4d4a6eb38c2a69f91200212 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u81fd13d5d4d4a6eb38c2a69f91200212 .u81fd13d5d4d4a6eb38c2a69f91200212-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u81fd13d5d4d4a6eb38c2a69f91200212:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Courage EssayThe irony used is effective because, as mentioned previously, Gradgrind (at the novels beginning) is a man full of self-esteem. He took a paper-knife in his hand, turned it over, laid it down, took it up again, and even then had to look along the blade of it, considering how to go on. (Sowing, Chapter XV) This quotation portrays Dickens intentional irony. The latter part of the quotation, considering how to go on. shows how Gradgrind has no sense of direction. His repetition of actions (He took a paper-knife in his hand, turned it over, laid it down, took it up again) indicate, or would do in most people, a loss of direction or boredom. The irony used to satirise is effective because Gradgrind was, previously, not a man who lacked direction and confidence. On the contrary, Gradgrind was a man full of self-belief and felt that everything he did is correct. Here, the irony used to satirise Gradgrinds nature works because Dickens has shown the change of personality of someone who is initially a utilitarian and not the personality of someone who has always lacked self-confidence.

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The Metamorphosis Use Of Comedy And Irony free essay sample

The Metamorphosis: Use Of Comedy And Irony Essay, Research Paper To what extent did Kafka usage comedy/irony to develop his tragic, misanthropic position of society and household? Gregor Samsa, a immature going salesman who lives with and financially supports his parents and younger sister, Grete, wakes up one forenoon to happen # 8220 ; himself changed in his bed into a monstrous varmint # 8221 ; or insect. At first, to my surprise, he is preoccupied with practical, mundane concerns: How to acquire out of bed and walk with his legion legs? Can he still do it to the office on clip? Most individuals would be devastated to happen themselves in such a place as Gregor, but he did non look to care much about himself, but merely about his duties, alternatively of panicking, he starts cussing his occupation: # 8220 ; If I did non keep back for my parents? interest, I would hold quit long ago, I would hold marched up to the foreman and talk my piece from the underside of my bosom # 8221 ; , # 8221 ; Well, I have non given up hope wholly ; one time I? ve acquire the money together to pay off my parents? debt to him, I? m traveling to do the large interruption. We will write a custom essay sample on The Metamorphosis Use Of Comedy And Irony or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page But for the clip being, I better acquire up, since my train foliages at five. # 8221 ; This is a kind of dry temper ; a individual in a tragic state of affairs does non look to detect the quandary he is in. He tries to acquire out of bed, but his new signifier does non enable him to make the things he used to make so easy. The manner he describes it, can already be seen as amusing: # 8220 ; First he tried to acquire out of bed with the lower portion of his organic structure, but this lower part- which by the manner he had non seen yet and which he could non organize a clear image of- proved excessively hard to stir ; it was taking so long ; and when eventually, about out of his head, he lunged frontward with all his force, without lovingness, he had picked the incorrect way and slammed himself violently against the lower bedpost, # 8221 ; , merely conceive of a elephantine beetle seeking to mount out his bed and clumsily aching himself in the procedure. Kafka decidedly seemed to love the amusing sides of what might otherwise hold been seen as a hopeless state of affairs. But it is non the metabolism itself that is relevant, it is the reaction of the universe around it. Gregor? s household might non alter nightlong or alter their behaviour towards Gregor and his new signifier but decidedly as clip goes by, they slowly become aliens to him. # 8220 ; at that minute a lightly flung object hit the floor right near him and rolled in forepart of him. It was an apple ; a 2nd one came winging right after it ; Gregor stopped dead with fright ; further running was useless, for his male parent was determined to pelt him. # 8221 ; . Now in this scene, Gregor scurries out into the life room and his male parent starts throwing apples at him to trail him off. This is all because Gregor? s â€Å"breakout† from his room made his female parent swoon. So a elephantine beetle is seeking safety on his small legs from his ain male parent who is pelting him with fruit. This must be the most tragic portion of the book. Despair must hold taken Gregor? s male parent, for what male parent would pelt his ain boy? This is the minute when the household starts to arise against Gregor. They are ill of caring for him and they are afraid. The tragic thing is non the fact that the ammo is apples, but that one apple got embedded in Gregor? s back and created a lesion that could non be healed. The apple started to decompose and got infected. Gregor easy began to blow off. This one apple would be Gregor? s decease in the terminal. The apple represents the apple in the garden of Eden. The difference is that Eve is offered the apple, with Gregor, the apple is thrown at him. Patching it all together, indirectly, it is Gregor? s own male parent who kills him. Another dry alteration is that after Gregor? s metabolism and the find of it by the household, Gregor? s male parent, takes over the place Gregor had in the household. Mr. Samsa, an # 8220 ; old adult male # 8221 ; who stayed at place and relied on his boy for fiscal support, all of a sudden changes to a bank functionary who is # 8220 ; keeping himself really erect # 8221 ; . I find it really dry in this book that you can see the at hand rebellion of the boy against the male parent. Due to the male parent? s failure, Gregor became strong and crippled his male parent? s self-pride when he took over his place in the household. But after the metabolism, the whole thing contraries: the boy becomes weak and the male parent takes over, the male parent even kills him. Even though the household tries to get by with the fact that their helper is no longer able to take attention of them, and seek to incorporate the harm, in the procedure, they all begin to alter their ain lives. Grete besides gets a occupation and seems to be on the brink of a new life. It is dry how Gregor? s quandary is much like that of any individual enduring from terrible unwellness or disablement. In Gregor? s new individuality, his senses wholly change, his seeing, his hearing, his voice. Some of Gregor? s alterations are generated from within, others are conditioned by the universe? s reactions to his metabolism. This all points to the inevitable, when one alterations, the universe around him/her alterations as good. Kafka used an atrocious batch of sarcasm and besides some comedy to indicate out how society works. How society can interrupt you down and do you one of their marionettes. He besides clearly shows how your ain household can turn against you if something out of the ordinary occurs. 359

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How to Write a Linkedin Profile That Lets the You Shine Through

How to Write a Linkedin Profile That Lets the You Shine Through Are you job hunting or on the verge of doing so? If you answered yes and you havent spent considerable time and effort on your LinkedIn profile, youre missing out on a valuable opportunity to get the job of your dreams through this highly useful, career-oriented social media platform. In fact, a recent study found that 122 million people received an interview through LinkedIn, with 35.5 million having been hired by a person they connected with on the site.Added to that, the most current statistics show that 95 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn as a major sourcing tool to help them find qualified candidates for companies seeking top-tier talent.95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find and vet potential candidates.If those numbers arent staggering enough, heres one that should definitely catch your interest. According to the latest numbers, there are 20 million jobs being actively advertised on LinkedIn.Convinced yet?Hopefully, by now youre convinced that its well worth your time and at tention to create a complete, eye-catching LinkedIn profile- especially if you are in the process of job hunting. LinkedIn does a great job in helping you along and measures the completeness of your profile, informing you of whats left to be added. It even offers suggestions for helping you make your profile stronger and more attractive to recruiters.Make it customIf you want to set yourself apart from the pack in a job search, set your LinkedIn profile apart, as well. One way to do this is to create a custom URL. Heres how to do that step by step:In the top right of your LinkedIn control panel, simply go to the me button and click view profile.Immediately beneath your control panel in the top-right corner, click Edit public profile and URL.You should now be taken to a page that shows your public profile settings.At the top right-hand corner, youll see Edit your custom URL.Beneath that, youll find your profiles URL, along with another pencil icon to the right.Click that pencil icon and change your profiles URL to something easy and memorable.Once you create a custom URL for your LinkedIn profile, you should now be able to include this on your resume or business card. It will be far easier for potential employers or recruiters to access than the random numbers and letters generated by LinkedIn when you first set up your profile.Use the right photoIf you havent had a professional headshot taken, now is the time to fix that. First impressions count, and your LinkedIn profile photo will be the first thing a potential employer or recruiter notices when they access your LinkedIn profile.Here are a few DOs and DONTs when it comes to your LinkedIn profile photo:DOSmile! Potential employers want to know that you are approachable and friendly, and a smile is the best way to show this. (And yes, that means showing teeth.)Have a muted, uncluttered background.Make sure lighting is professional and colors are not overly saturated.Dress for the job you want.DONTCrop your pho to from a group shot.Upload a photo of you participating in a hobby.Upload an obvious selfie.Use a photograph that is cluttered with objects or a full-body shot.Take the cheap route on your headshot; remember- first impressions are important!Wordcloud your target job descriptionThe headline, summary, and experience sections of your LinkedIn profile should contain targeted words that will attract recruiters and potential employers to your page. Heres an easy, creative way to determine which words you should target:Determine the job title you want in your job search.Locate at least three job offerings for that title, along with the job descriptions for each.Copy and paste the job descriptions into a Wordcloud simulator, such as Wordclouds.com.Produce the Wordcloud to pull out target words that appear often in the job category- these are words to include in prominent places on your LinkedIn headline, summary, and experience sections.Keep your summary succinct, quantifiable, and easy to readIdeally, your LinkedIn summary should contain the following:Three to five paragraphsA bulleted list of your key skills and qualificationsHighlights of your success stories, preferably communicated in quantifiable factors (numbers of clients, statistics, dollars, etc.).Your LinkedIn profile should highlight your successes in quantifiable numbers. Photo by Stephen Dawson on Unsplash.Lets look at the specific reasons for each of these.First, the reason to keep your summary within three to five paragraphs is the simple understanding that everyones time is valuable, especially recruiters and employers who are inundated with dozens (sometimes hundreds or thousands) of resumes to sift through daily. Your three-to-five-paragraph summary shows that you not only value their time- youre also able to prioritize whats most important in showcasing your talent and abilities.Second, showing your key skills and qualifications in a bulleted, easy-to-read format not only helps save time for your reader (see the first point); it also demonstrates that you understand the principles of written communications, among which is presentation. As any magazine or newspaper editor will tell you, bulleted lists and white space around words helps writing become more easily digestible to the reader and speeds along the process of reading comprehension.Third, using quantifiable evidence to showcase your success is the quickest and most convincing way to attract the admiration of your recruiter or potential employer. For example, quantifiable evidence (such as I increased department sales revenue by $1 million during my time at XYz Corporation) can be easily checked and assessed with a few simple questions; whereas, an unquantifiable statement (I am a successful at sales) leaves a lot of room for interpretation and potentially false representation.Use first person and get personalWhen creating your LinkedIn profile, write it in first person and do your best to walk the thin line between pr ofessional and personal.If that sounds like conflicting advice, let me explain. When you submit your resume to a company, that resume lists your professional accomplishments. It should be the epitome of your professional life and project complete professionalism.However, the interesting (and potentially powerful) thing about social media sites like LinkedIn is that they present your professional side with a small dose of whats personal. To put it simply- recruiters and potential employers want to get a glimpse inside your personal life before they hire you, as well, because they understand that your personal life will indeed affect your professional one.In the same sense that you want to keep your strictly personal social media profiles (such as Facebook) private to avoid invasive searches into your personal affairs, you also need to understand that your LinkedIn profile should contain a healthy dose of both your professional and personal lives to show that you are a well-rounded po tential employee.What this means is you should absolutely focus on your professional profile in your LinkedIn summary, highlighting all of the qualifications you can bring to an organization. But in the same sense, you should take the opportunity to demonstrate that you are an active, healthy, personable individual, who has hobbies and interests outside of work- someone who knows how to blend the two seamlessly and make the best of both.What better place to do this than through your LinkedIn profile?Include your hobbies and multimediaThis means that if you are a mountain climber and have a blog about your mountain climbing exploits, add that to your LinkedIn page. It will only make your professional profile stand out to potential employers because it shows that you have a healthy life outside of work, and that you pursue challenging goals on a personal level.If youve achieved awards or medals in sports or hobbies extending beyond your line of work, by all means, include these in you r profile. Each one shows that you exhibit qualities employers look for, such as competitiveness, strength, determination, community involvement, and resilience.If you know foreign languages or have participated in cultural experiences outside of your own, list these. If you have multimedia (video, blog posts, photos, etc.) demonstrating your participating, add it to your profile. Consider each addition to be a notch in your belt for employers who are looking for culturally aware, active, and inspired employees who know how to have a healthy work life/personal life balance.Showcase your writing skillsIn her bestselling novel Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content, author Ann Handley notes, In an online world, our online words are our emissaries; they tell the world who we are.LinkedIn offers an invaluable opportunity to publish- take advantage of it. Writing thoughtful, error-free posts with pertinent information geared toward your industry is the p erfect bait for recruiters looking for thought leaders and people who can shake up the industry with their truth and insight. It also demonstrates your ability to communicate with potential clients.Build your references monthlyAs a final thought, if you are using LinkedIn to find the job of your dreams, hopefully youve already asked for multiple references. If you havent, now is the time to start building them on your profile. If youve worked across multiple industries but are job hunting in only one, put references from that industry in the top prominent spot. Then, continue to add to your references monthly to collect as many as possible.

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Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 48

Journal - Essay Example The story also presents an existing conflict between human rights bodies, tribesmen, and police, against ISIS. The group had done these actions before in Syria, which led to mass deaths, and abduction of women and children. The main aim of this story is to expose the extent of human rights violation by ISIS purporting to protect religion, but goes to the extreme mile of executing people, and kidnapping. The target audience in this story is human rights organizations and peacekeepers in Iraq. The writer presents photos and videos showing activities and executions done by ISIS in the past and seems to highlight the negative effects, pain and suffering people are going through because of ISIS. The picture presentation has an element of emotional appeal due to the dull pictures showing the ISIS in action holding guns, which gives a chilling effect. This story fails to give an in-depth background about ISIS and people reading this news for the first time shall not fully understand the